Case Study

I’m starting a new Case Study group in July and I am looking for 5 mums with toddlers.


So if you….

  1.  Are ready to make long lasting lifestyle changes

  2. Want to be able to exercise around your children

  3. Want to get rid of the daily self doubt

  4. Are ready to feel confident in your body again

  5. Are ready living an active life with your kids, instead of just watching them from the sidelines

  6. Are you ready to stop feeling guilty about the food you eat and like

  7. Are friendly and coachable (know-it-alls please don’t apply)

  8. And can keep a secret 


So are you READY?


If you are ready, please complete the questionnaire below and get in touch to book in for a quick chat and I’ll get you all the details

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Your Coach Jess

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What clients say

"Thank you Jess for pushing me past my limits and

showing me I am stronger than I thought"

Carole, NSW