Phoenix arising

Get rid of all your negative emotions and limiting beliefs, that are holding you back

Are familiar with any  or all of these feelings?


Do you have enough of feeling like a failure?


Feeling like you are not good enough? Not good enough as a mother, partner or person?


Are you eaten up by self-doubt?


Feeling lost? 


Feeling guilty?


Do you lack in confidence?


Do you feel like you don't deserve things?


Or that something will happen to you?


Do you constantly feel sad or feel any anxiety?


Do you have this constant negative head talk?


Breakthrough all your limiting beliefs and negative emotions and start to Uncover, Discover and Connect to the true YOU

Are you ready? Are you a 100% ready to change? Then this is for you....

Natural Beauty

What you get:

a chat about what you want to achieve. We will get clear about the outcome 


Pre-Assessment - it is a requirement to complete this pre-assessment prior to the first breakthrough session. This information will be used to identify your limiting beliefs and negative emotions, with this pre-assessment we will create an issue list and this list will be used in the breakthrough sessions


weekly breakthrough sessions - via video call. At the end of the session we will re rate your issue list, you will be able to monitor your progress

Unlimited email support and other resources

Creatrix®️ is an incredible powerful tool, it is created by a woman, especially for women. It is painless, it's easy and long lasting. 

Best of all this is the only process that comes with a money back guarantee. 

So what do you have to lose?

After the 'Be ME' Breakthrough you will feel like the person, you always wanted to be and deserve to be. You will be your true self. Anger and Sadness will be gone, happiness, balance and your TRUE self will return.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Creatrix?

Creatrix® is an adventurous virtual reality process that's done with your eyes closed, that causes you to unlearn your issues at the very root until they drop away, no longer needed, replaced with much higher emotional and mental intelligence.

It is like as a guided visualisation from an “unfiltered” state, where we have you suspended in time. From this space and with the right questioning process engaging both the conscious and unconscious mind, we quickly dissolve the current negative perspective around your problem and

replace it with a new learning from your own “inner wisdom” and this then becomes your new perception and belief that supports your higher good.

Get a little insight here.....

Creatrix Flowchart.jpg

ReLEASE - emotional and limiting blockages

ReLEARN - get your own souls life lesson

and tools to move forward

ReCODE - delete inherited negative patterns

ReFRAME - your entire perspective

ReCREATE - the life you want

Can I contact you for some more details?

 Of course, let's have a chat

How long is the Uncover You Breakthrough and how many sessions do I need?

A session is approx. 90mins and depending on how many limiting beliefs and emotions are to be broken through, it may take about 3-5 sessions or more. I will work with you until we worked through all the issues on your initial list. It is recommended to have about 7 days between sessions

Why do I have to apply for the BE ME Creatrix® Breakthrough?

I only work with women, who are a 100% committed. You need to be ready for this breakthrough. I will work with you one on one, in order to ensure you are ready and you get the best possible outcome.

Is there a money back guarantee for the BE ME Creatrix® breakthrough?

Yes, I offer a money back guarantee for the Creatrix® breakthrough - conditions apply