Lifestyle Coaching

I am really passionate about living in balance. Living in balance is not just exercising and eating well, it also includes mindset. It means creating an overall healthy balance in all aspects of life, work, relationships and self love. Health in wellness is CONNECTED in body and mind. 

Relaxing in Hammock

1 -1 Coaching Session

Lifestyle Coaching - Face to Face or virtual


45-60 min Coaching designed to create and develop strategies to balance body and mind 

Calm your mind - Become clear on your goals, develop strategies how to cope with setbacks and how to move forward and learn to develop and create a healthy balance



What clients say

"Thank you Jess for pushing me past my limits and

showing me I am stronger than I thought"

Carole, NSW


Let's work together
What happens in a session?
We will establish where you are currently at in regards to your emotional state, your current lifestyle, your habits. Then we will work out where you want to be and develop strategies how to get there. 
How many sessions do I need?
This really depends on you. How deep are you prepared to go. What is your current state of mind and where you want to be
Are these session confidential?
Yes these sessions are completely confidential. It's just between you and me
How do I pay?
Payment can be made on the day or via bank transfer. I will send an invoice prior to our session.