The Non Dieting Nutrition Guide

No more calorie counting

What is the Non-Dieting Approach?

No more calorie counting. Taking the focus off weight completely and focussing instead on health promoting behaviours that you can take ownership of.

What you will learn?


Step 1- We Teach the Facts About Weight

Step 2- We Teach An Alternative, Healthier Focus

Step 3- We Only Give Gentle Nutrition Guidance, And Emphasise FLEXIBLE Eating

The guide teaches you:

What it means to eat well

Mindful eating and tuning into your appetite

To build a healthy relationship with treats

Sample meals and snack ideas

Meal Planning and so much more!

This Guide is written by Emma Robertson an Accredited Practising Dietician/nutritionist from Sydney.  She has worked in private practice, hospitals and government  health promotion services since 2008. 

Emma strongly believes that you deserve to enjoy delicious food and have fun with your exercise. Research shows that good health and happiness are caused by maintaining healthy habits, like eating enough veggies, not by reaching a particular goal weight. That’s why this guide focuses on the skills and knowledge you need to nourish your body as well as you can, while promoting enjoyment of life instead of calorie counting and deprivation