Welcome to Fitness Uncovered - Please let me introduce myself - the long story

Thank you for joining us at Fitness Uncovered Personal Training. On this site we will be sharing interesting health & fitness news from all over the world and I will add my own two cents on here too.

Fitness Uncovered has been created by me. I'm Jess and I'm a mum to a beautiful little boy, who will be turning 1 soon. I have not always been fit. I was the overweight kid, who hated school sports and was never good at it. I was the one who was picked last. I have been the one who paid for gym memberships, but never actually went to the gym, because I felt so uncomfortable there. I remember the day everything changed quite vividly. We have been to the dog beach with our dogs and on our way back to the car through the sand, I felt so down that I couldn't keep up with the others and my poor little dog had to pull me back to the car. At this point I realised something has to change, that I can't live like this anymore. Because of my previous experiences with gym memberships I wasn't really prepared to join a gym again, so I started one of the online programs for at home. Over time our guest room became our gym and exercising became a habit for me. I managed to lose over 30kg by training in my own little gym. I became more confident and started training with a PT a couple of times a week. I even did a Certificate in Fitness (can you imagine the big kid, suddenly doing a Cert IV?) just to proof myself that I can do it. I never really thought I would do something with this certification, even though back in my mind I always had that dream. But then I had to put my PT business dreams on hold, I got pregnant and due to medical advice I slowed down my high intensity exercise regime, which resulted in me gaining quite a bit of weight during pregnancy. We welcomed a beautiful, healthy boy into our family about 3.5 weeks early and through an unplanned c-section. This meant I had to recover from major surgery and taking care of a baby, with no idea what to do. I won't lie, this was tough and fitness was the last thing on my mind. During this time I realised how important it is to listen to your body, to be gentle and patient. Training after pregnancy needs to be approached differently than for someone who is just unfit and wants to become fitter. Also juggling a baby, recovering from birth, adjusting to a new life with baby and finding time to exercise can be tough. I have experienced it both and this is how Fitness Uncovered Personal Training was born.

You may wonder why Fitness Uncovered? Well as you can see from my story, fitness wasn't always part of my life, I had to uncover it. I had to uncover my fitness from being very overweight and trying to lose weight and become fit and I had to uncover my fitness after pregnancy.

Let me help you to uncover your fitness. No gym membership or creche for your child needed. I will come to you with all the equipment needed.

We are servicing Newcastle, Port Stephens and the Lake Macquarie area for Personal Training session, but also offer online coaching.

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