Exercising after having a baby

You just had a baby and wondering when it's a good time to get back into exercising? Most women will get the all clear to exercise after their 6 week check up. From then it's important for you to listen to your body. If you had a c-section or some complications you may have to wait a little bit longer and may have to adjust your exercise a little, as you may not be able to do what you did before as easily. Everyone is different and it's so important you take it slow, let your body recover from that amazing event of birth and give yourself time to heal and adjust to motherhood. Start back up when your body tells you that he's ready for it. And during exercising ensure you are also listening to your body. If you feel uncomfortable or feel any pain adjust your exercises accordingly. Don't be pushed by your PT to go harder etc, listen to your body.

Exercise doesn't always mean a gruelling gym session, it can be a nice calm walk with your bub, or a bub and mum yoga class or just playing with your bub. It's all about moving and getting active again.

I also recommend before starting any form of exercise, get checked by a physio to assess your ab separation and pelvic floor strength. Knowing the state of these important muscles will be vital in a good post partum recovery

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