Why - Have you found your why yet?

It's the time of the year, where you come across so much advertising about starting a 4,6, 8 or 12 week challenges in order to achieve your goals, losing weight, get fitter and start with your new year resolution.

But what happens, when the challenge is over? Do you think you can keep up with the new lifestyle, once there is no weekly fitness test, weigh in or weekly newsletters in your inbox. Or do you just keep doing these challenges over and over again.

In order to succeed, be it in the week challenges or just starting something new you need to know your why.

Getting started with something new and out of your comfort zone is tough. And we tend to procrastinate and postpone the start of the 'new' to the next day, the following week, month etc. Stepping out of that comfort zone and start the 'new' is uncomfortable. What is the 'new' I am talking about? For some it can be losing x amount of weight or feeling better about themselves, for others it is joining a gym or starting exercise for the first time or restarting after a very long time not doing anything. For others the 'new' is speaking in public, speaking to strangers or starting a business they always dreamed of starting.

What ever it is - you need to find your why in order to be able to step out of your comfort zone and make this 'new' comfortable.

I will tell you a bit about my why.

Why Fitness Uncovered Personal Training?

Fitness Uncovered Personal Training was born out of my own experience and my love of teaching people. If I managed to make exercising and living healthy my lifestyle, than others can do it too and I love helping and guiding people to find their healthy lifestyle and just help them feeling better about themselves.

Why did I want to become a Personal Trainer?

I had two why's for becoming a Personal Trainer. The first one was I wanted to proof myself that I can do this. That this former unfit and overweight girl can do something she never thought could.

Why I started enjoying exercising?

Exercising became my stress relieve. I won't lie the beginning was tough. There were tears, negativity and a lot of why's. Why me? Why is it so hard? Why? Why? Why? But I kept going, I soldiered through the tough times and after a little while I felt better. I was happier, more positive and less tears and also less weight (inside and out). Through all those little changes, the why's disappeared and suddenly there was only one why left. Why do I enjoy exercising? Because it makes me feel good and it's my me time and my stress relive. This why stayed with me even through pregnancy, where I wasn't able to exercise the way I was used to. So starting back up with exercising after giving birth was easier, because I knew my why and had no problems getting back into it. As I knew I would feel better.

Why did I start to change my lifestyle?

I will never forget the day it clicked. The day I decided I needed increase my fitness and to leave this comfort zone. My comfort zone was not being active enough. I had so many excuses - exercise is too hard, I have never been a sporty person, I'm intimidated at the gym, work is so busy or I'm so tired. The day it clicked , I still remember this day vividly. A friend, my husband and I were at the dog beach with our beautiful dogs. We had a great morning watching the dogs play together. After a couple of hours at the beach we made our way back to the car park. I remember my husband and my friend were walking further ahead of me, while I struggled to keep up with them. I was so out of breath trying to keep up with their speed through the sand and my poor little dog had to pull me along. At this moment I felt so embarrassed, that as the youngest from the 3 of us, that I struggled so much to walk back to the car and I felt a little bit humiliated that my dog had to pull me along. I was almost in tears and very out of breath and sweaty by the time we were back at the car. During that walk to the car I found my why - I need to get fit and healthy for myself, myself alone. If I want to live a long and happy life, something has to change. It didn't feel right for me that I struggled so much and it actually scared me a bit. There and then I decided I want to live a healthy and long life for myself and (future) family. At that moment I knew I have to change my lifestyle and had found my why. At that moment I knew that I wanted to become fitter and healthier.

Just remember your why's change as you change and travel through life. So listen to your mind and body and you will succeed.

Once you know your why, you can succeed making a lifestyle change for good and not just from one challenge to the other.

Have you found your why yet?

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