Life is not a straight line

We often have those grand plans. We have it all written down and its in our head exactly how we want things to turn out. We envisage how we will be exercising every day or every second day. How we will eat better and make better choices while out with friends. And then? Life happens. The child is sick, some unexpected errands have come up and now your plans have turned to custard. You beat yourself up, because your food choices weren't how you wanted them to be. You beat yourself up, because you still haven't joined that gym, contacted the personal trainer you wanted to contact for so long, you still can't fit into your pre pregnancy clothes or your work clothes are getting tighter and tighter instead of loser. Does this sound familiar? I think we all have been there at some stage or maybe you are right in it as we speak.

Life is not a straight line, it comes with ups and downs. Sometimes you have to take turns unexpectedly. And sometimes the way to get there takes longer than we have anticipated.

There are road blocks along the way and these road blocks are called life / life events.

It has taken me a long time to find this balance. And I won't lie some days are harder than others. I used to be like all or nothing. If I missed a workout because of work or I didn't feel well, it was like the end of the world and I would beat myself and let it define my day.

Since having my son, I have done a lot of mindset work and tried to find this balance. Not everyday is a success, but I am getting better. I know exercise is a habit for me and not a chore, however looking after little people can be stressful and demanding and sometimes there is just no time to exercising. And that is ok. I have also learned to listen to my body instead of pushing through a workout. If I didn't sleep well, I may decide to sleep an hour longer instead of getting up and train. And that is ok. Sometimes the little ones just need a bit more attention and that is ok too.

I urge you to find this balance for yourself too. It's not always easy, but it is so worth it in the end, as everyone will benefit from you feeling better and less pressured and stressed.

Getting a good training session in is very rewarding. Knowing that you have trained efficiently is a fantastic feeling.

If you need help to find the appropriate training option for you and want to have a chat how I can help you, please contact me here.

Mums, no actually women in general, put themselves often last. We get so caught up in our work or looking after our family, that we stop looking after ourselves. There is nothing wrong with looking after yourself too. Exercising after a stressful day at work, can be the balance you need in order to come home and feel relaxed and happy and enjoy a beautiful evening with your partner or family, instead of being stressed, snappy and unhappy.

Time is of the essence and it is often a reason, why we stop exercising or not even start in the first place. Is it things like "I'm so busy at work" or "I'm so tired after work" or "I don't have time to drive to a gym before or after work" or "I can't afford a PT" etc. Nowadays there are many options to train. You don't have to go to a gym, you don't need any equipment. You don't need to see a PT in person. Becoming a Mum changes a lot of things and adjustment can be tough. Sleep deprivation, body changes, one income. All these things are stress factors and can make you very unhappy and stressed. There are very affordable options out there. Having one PT session a week and let the trainer show you how to perform the exercises and train the remaining days by yourself through online coaching. Get the best out of both worlds. Or both services are available separately too.

Online coaching is a very affordable way of training. All our online trainings plans are customised to your needs. We take into account the equipment you have, your fitness level and if you want to train in the gym or at home. For more info on our online coaching service click here.

We are offering a discounted trial week (7Days for $7), which gives you the chance to see, if online coaching is the right thing for you.

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Our Personal Training service is a mobile service, which means we come to you. You can train in the privacy of your home. I bring all equipment along and if you have any equipment, I will show you how to use it properly and include it in our sessions too. If you are unsure about PT sessions and want to have a chat, please book in for a FREE consultation and we can have a chat through Skype, FaceTime or in person. If you have any questions, please send me a message. I am here to help you.

If you are local, we are also offering Mum & Bub group classes. Train with a great group of mums and bring your children along. To find out more about our Mum & Bub classes click here

So if life throws your curveballs, take it on, you will come out stronger in the end. The hardest part is taking that first step.

I'd love to be part of your journey in some way.

In Fitness & Health, have a great week

Your Coach Jess

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