What does Fitness mean to you?

When you look up the definition of the word Fitness it comes up with the following:

The condition of being physically fit and healthy. This got me thinking. What does fitness mean to you? Is it as broad as being physically fit and healthy or does it mean something more specific? It also got me thinking what fitness means to me. Overall it means to be physically fit and healthy, but also mentally fit and healthy. Fitness to me is not just about the body, it’s also about the mental health. Back in the days when I started my fitness journey, my goal was to be healthier in order to be able to start a family and also because i was so embarrassed how unfit I was. I will never forget the day, that changed everything. How humiliated I felt. From there on, I knew something had to change. Thinking about it now, Fitness meant something completely different to me than to what it means now. Back then fitness was all about losing weight and the scale showing a certain number. That was fitness to me. Fitting into any clothes I like etc. Since becoming a mother the meaning of fitness has changed. It’s no longer about the number on the scale. It is about being healthy, living an active life and being a good role model for my child. Leading by example. Being happy with my body and mind. It is ok for your definition of fitness to change. What does it mean for you? Do you want to be able to run 5km? Fit into your old pants again? Run around with your children? Or maybe it means for you to become a fitness model, run a marathon....... What ever it is. Find you reasons, your why and you will have a reason to get started and sticking to it will be easier Start to uncover your fitness with this step by step guide click here Always remember Life is for Living Your Coach Jess

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