I am now a Creatrix®️ Transformologist®️

Updated: May 26, 2019

I am so excited. I am now a qualified and licensed Creatrix®️ Transformologist®️

This process has changed my life and I know it can change yours too.

What is Creatrix®️?

Creatrix®/Innovatrix® is an adventurous virtual reality process that's done with your eyes closed, that causes you to unlearn your issues at the very root until they drop away, no longer needed, replaced with much higher emotional and mental intelligence.

First the focus and care factor shift, then the beliefs become productive instead of sabotaging, then it changes the thoughts and entire perspective, and finally, strategies are replaced for when encountering the old triggers, so they no longer fire. It's quite possibly an ancient process of learning because it's not person to person education as we're used to. All the while not a single piece of advice is given by the Transformologist®. It's incredible to partake in another persons' self-breakthrough, all via the mere facilitation of it. Incredible! Humbling! FULLfilling, a privilege and the highest of blessings. - Maz Schirmer

But to be honest it is so much more. This has changed my life. Not only did I experience Creatrix®️ on myself, I am now also allowed to help other women and guide them through a Creatrix®️ session.

It sounds really out there, but if you keep an open mind and if you are 100% ready to own your stuff, this is it. Creatrix®️ is the missing puzzle piece.

Through my own personal Creatrix®️ breakthrough I was able to eliminate all those limiting beliefs and triggers that held me back in my business and in my private life. I am able to deal with any new triggers way better and best of all - that constant negative head talk is gone. The world is a much more nicer place this way.

But let me just tell you a bit, how I found Creatrix®️. As a Personal Trainer my aim is always to make sure, that you, my clients are comfortable in your own skin. I want to show you that fitness is more than just a certain number on the scale or specific dress size. I always felt though, that I wasn't able to represent this confidently due to my own limiting beliefs and emotions. I also felt that I missed a puzzle piece in order to offer you the best outcome possible.

I wanted to know more about the womens brain and how our body and mind can work together to its best potential. And I really feel like I have found the missing puzzle piece. Everything makes now so much more sense. And best of all, all these limiting beliefs and emotions I had, such as not being good enough, self doubt, resentment, anger and so much more have just gone.

For a long time, especially after having my son I felt like I had lost myself. Motherhood didn't come naturally to me and I loved my corporate job / career. No one can prepare you for that change. Everyone will react differently to that. I felt a lot of resentment, anger, guilt, not being good enough and unfortunately I lashed out to the people I love the most. I put so much pressure on myself, to look a certain way, to wear a certain dress size etc. That I was just miserable and at the same time I felt guilty, that i didn't feel the warm and fuzzy no mum feels as you always see on social media and guilty for not feeling the joy and excitement. I was the opposite, I was super stressed and I felt so much pressure. Pressure I created myself in my head. But I put up a brave face and pretended everything was fine. But it wasn't. I pushed the people I love the most away and just couldn't escape the rut I was in. The head chatter never stopped. There were always the what if, but's and more what if's and but's.

During this time I realised, that exercise helped to a certain degree and it made me feel better, feeling less stressed etc, but I wasn't able to shake off that inner head chatter completely. So I went on a mission to find something, which would help stop these negative feelings and beliefs and also provide me the tools, so I can help other women breaking through their limiting beliefs and emotions.

Because I am sure, if I felt that way, you can relate in some way or form.

Now that I have found that puzzle piece, I want to help you to be your true self. No more head talk, self doubt, procrastination, anxiety and stress. No more fear of success, failure or the feeling of not being good enough. You deserve: More happiness, more fitness, more confidence, more calmness and more fullfillment in your life.

My mission is to empower you in body and mind.

Now you are probably wondering how this all works? Even though the body (fitness) and mind (Creatrix®️) are complimenting each other perfectly, they are two completely separate services. They are as such not connected or combined. You can have one or both, the choice is yours.

But let me tell you in order to live your best life possible you need to empower both the BODY and the MIND. Only then you can have the best life possible and be your true self.

I have been, where you are.....

Are you ready? Let me take you on this journey....

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