I can't exercise at home .....

"I can't exercise at home - I have no equipment" - Have you heard this before? Maybe you told this yourself recently?

I just wanted to share with you a little secret..... you can and you don't necessarily need equipment to train properly at home. You have the most important equipment with you all the time. Do you know what it is?

YOUR BODY -There are plenty of bodyweight exercises available, which can be done without any equipment and are as effective as using machines in a gym.

There are a few items, that can be very handy to have to change up your training at home. Some you may have at home and others can be purchased without a huge price tag at Kmart, Big W or similar places.

But as I mentioned above they are not necessarily needed. All you really need you have with you all the time (YOUR BODY)

Exercise / Yoga Mat: This is a staple for training at home. You can get great soft mats from Kmart and they make on the ground exercises so much more comfortable. And if you are comfortable, you are more likely to do exercise.

Fitballs: This is a great item to have. Very versatile and cheap to get. They are also great to sit at your desk and work on your balance and core at the same time. Winning

Resistance Bands: This is another very versatile and cheap item to get. They take up little room and can be used for full body exercises and stretching afterwards and are also a great tool to help with injury recovery.

Other equipment to use are Dumbbells, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells.

Are you still overwhelmed with where to start? Let me help you. All our trainings plans are customised to your needs. All plans are coming with detailed instructions on how to execute each exercise. We can incorporate any equipment you have or just provide you a plan with bodyweight exercises.

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Also think about what activities you enjoy. Do you have a pool? Yes - then put on your swimmers and get some laps done. Maybe you have a set of golf clubs laying around? Pick them up and go to the driving range or on the gold course. Kick the ball in the backyard with your children. Walk to the playground, instead of taking the car. All this is also part of being active.

Happy training!

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