Our online program explained - The Bronze Package

Our online program explained

Our online program explained. You may have seen that we offer a BRONZE package. This package is our online training option for you.

What is online coaching?

Online coaching is essentially the same as one on one training, except without the trainer physically present. Instead, you communicate with your trainer through email, phone calls, video calls, social media, private groups, personalised apps.

How does it all work? Let me explain.

Our online coaching may be slightly different to other programs you may be familiar with or have heard about. We have a very personalised approach to it. Even though we may not meet you in person, we still ensure we get to know each other through our initial consultation. This can be done via phone, email, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, social media or your own personalised app. It's your choice. If you decide to go ahead with training with us, we ask you to complete our client questionnaire. This questionnaire is the same form any of our one on one clients or group clients would complete. Once we have analysed your questionnaire, we will write a program for you. That's right we write a program just for you. We make sure we customise the trainings plan to your needs. Taking into account, how much time you have to train, what equipment you have or where you want to train. You will receive a new trainings plan every week. Some weeks it may be similar to the previous weeks, other weeks it may be different. I will be checking in with you during the week to keep you motivated and accountable and also get your feedback about your training and then write the following weeks program accordingly. You have access to your own personalised app, which allows you to access your trainings plans directly onto your phone and also gives you the option to chat with me right away.

You also receive access to our private Facebook group (The Fitness Uncovered PT Crew) where you can meet other clients and discuss different topics, access info material on various topics etc. You also receive a 50% discount on our Non-Dieting Nutrition Guide ebook.

We have a very personalised approach to online coaching. We don't just send out the same templates to everyone.

What are the benefits of online coaching?

There are so many benefits to online coaching:

- You get the same benefits and services as you would from a trainer at a gym

A trainer at the gym will design your program and has it ready when you arrive for the session, your trainer is there to track your progress and be your emotional support. The online trainer will do exactly the same. Every week you will be send your new plan and with online coaching your trainer is actually more accessible than just during that hour in the gym, as you have the option to phone, email, chat etc

- You get to workout on your schedule

You decide when you want to workout. Be it in the early mornings, lunch time or late at night. Your choice. No need to wait for a trainer to have a spot for you. You can just schedule it in, when it fits for you.

Your workouts, and ultimately your success, are not dependent on the availability of a trainer. It's all in your hands.

- You have someone to keep you accountable

With online coaching you are in control of your goals and progress, but you always have a trainer as well, who will hold you accountable. You are not on your own.

- It’s more cost effective

Personal Training sessions are often limited to just one session a week due to the price or availability of the trainer. Online coaching gives you the option to incorporate as many sessions as needed to reach your goal. Online coaching also saves you time as you don't have to drive to a gym and wait for your trainer to be available. With online coaching you just start with your session right away, when you are ready to train.

Is it available for everyone?

Our online coaching is available to everyone in Australia and worldwide. Except my friends in the US & Canada (sorry).

For more info or if you just want to have a chat about this, drop me a line

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